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How These eCommerce Sites Went From Zero To Six Figures In Months With Our Digital Marketing & eCommerce SEO Services.

In this Case Study post, we will feature 4 ecommerce sites we’ve worked with that have produced not only ranking results, but have successfully translated those top rankings into actual revenue and profits, with our digital marketing and ecommerce SEO services.

Site 1: Food & Beverages Industry

This is one of our first clients in the food & beverage space. They approached our digital marketing and ecommerce SEO company back in late 2013 and we went through their overall digital marketing strategy for them. By early 2014, we kickstarted their marketing campaign with our proprietary white hat SEO strategy.
Within weeks, their rankings jumped to the first page. But as these things go, the first leaps are usually not immediately sticky. It was only after the 3rd month after we begun that the first page and top of page rankings started to stick, and their organic traffic started to snowball.
Now they’re doing multi-channel digital marketing but organic traffic through our digital marketing and eCommerce SEO services is still the heaviest contributor to overall traffic and revenue.

ecommerce seo services site 1

Site 2: Fashion Industry

This eCommerce behemoth started as a modest one-man show in 2014 with an idea and a plan. The founder consulted us on the best digital marketing strategy to bring his dream to reality, and because of the nature and dynamics of his target market, he decided to start with social media marketing at first.
Eventually the one-man show grew into an outfit consisting of a team of virtual remote workers, suppliers, shippers and partners all situated across the globe, connected online. It was not until 2016 that the founder decided to embark on SEO as a strategy for long-term traffic and revenue growth.
This eCommerce startup in a unique fashion niche invested heavily into our digital marketing and eCommerce SEO services, and did occasional press releases whenever they have special promotions, discount coupons or new products to announce.
By the end of 2016, their organic channel overtook their social channel as the largest contributor of traffic and revenue.

ecommerce seo services site 2

Site 3: Grooming & Beauty Industry

This business started in 2013 as a physical store selling unique grooming & beauty products catering to a niche and picky demographic, based on only one city. Sales grew through word of mouth, their strong social media presence and media features. It was not until mid 2014 that they realised they have a potentially vast global target market.
So with an eCommerce store up and shipping arrangements made, they started offering their unsold inventory in their physical store and warehouse online, and approached us for marketing advice in early 2015.
We suggested a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to supplement their already active social media activities, with a primary focus on content marketing and eCommerce SEO services.
By the end of 2015, not only did organic traffic outpaced social media as the biggest contributor of traffic and sales, their brand searches also naturally increased, contributing to the virtuous cycle of organic traffic growth.

ecommerce seo services site 3

Site 4: Music Industry

Believe it or not, in this age of Spotify and iTunes, there are people who still prefer vinyl records and cassette tapes. And this unique eCommerce site caters to this niche but significantly profitable demographic.
Started in early 2016, with a substantial marketing budget allocated, they embarked on a multi-channel digital marketing campaign with us. As music is an industry that is very ripe and suitable for content marketing, it was a natural choice.
By the end of 2016, they’ve achieved an average 40-50K in eCommerce revenue, with the most coming from organic traffic through our digital marketing and eCommerce SEO services.

ecommerce seo services site 4

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