Introduction To Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO, is the process by which one tries to improve a particular web page’s search engine results rankings. Major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! display links that direct people to pages that they deem to be authoritative and relevant to the keywords that are searched for. When it comes to being authoritative, major search engines normally measure it according to the quality and number of links to a particular website that come from other pages on the Internet. Simply put, a web page that has many other webpages linking back to it have a great potential for ranking well on search engine results for certain keywords.

What encourages other web pages to link to others is the quality of content. This shows the major search engines that a particular webpage is both authoritative and relevant or interesting. In turn, this may significantly improve a web page’s search engine rankings because search engines want to give its users the best web pages in relation to specific keywords entered.

Given that search engines rank web pages that they deem to be most authoritative and relevant, you’ll need to make your web pages meet those criteria. How can you do that?

You can do this primarily by producing content that many people will find interesting and useful. When you populate your web pages with interesting and useful content, the chances of them sharing your content – and increasing the number of quality links to your web page – becomes significantly higher. When this happens, search engines will eventually notice the increasing number of such links, which they will interpret as an increasing sense of authoritativeness.

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Crucial For Your E-Commerce Web Site?

Regardless whether your e-commerce business is considered as a “mom-and-pops” type of online business or a “Wal-Mart”-sized one, the ability to maximize your web site’s search engine rankings is crucial for the following reasons.

First, SEO allows your potential customers or target markets or niches discover your ecommerce site. If your target markets or niches aren’t able to discover it, it’s like putting up a lemonade stand in the middle of the Sahara desert. How can people patronize your online business if they don’t even know it exists?

Second, SEO is usually the main source of online traffic and hence traffic for most web sites. If you analyze your site’s traffic data using its analytics tools, e.g., Google Analytics, chances are you’ll see that your main source of online revenue is organic search via search engines. If not, then it’s possible something’s not right in the way you’re managing your site. Organic search usually comes about from having a sound SEO strategy in place.

Now that you know what search engine optimization is all about and why it is crucial for your site, how then can you start with SEO? If you are aching to learn more about good ecommerce SEO services for your website, click the button below to arrange for a FREE consultation with a 786SEO expert.

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