Everything You Need to Know about a Blog


What is a Blog?

A blog or ‘web log’ initially started out as an online diary for people to post about the diary of events in their lives. These include events they went through in the day, week and month. They also write about what they like /dislike, how they feel, friends, families and others.

Now, a blog is still used for the above reasons but its purpose has also included providing valuable content, advice and information for others to find. It is somewhat like a website now and has a lot of social credibility. Businesses are also tapping on blogs to build up their brand and as part of their content marketing strategy.

Why Start One?
Now that you have been given an introduction to what is a blog, let’s look into why you should start one:

Simple & Convenient
A blog is simple to install and involves little hassle to manage. You can start your content writing journey by going to blog sites like Blogger and WordPress. Once there, sign up for a free account and then you can start posting. Alternatively, if you have your own website on web 2.0 sites like Weebly, you can easily start one as well and be on the way to blogging.

Create Instant Web Presence
When you start a blog, you almost instantly create a web presence. This is because blogs, especially those on Blogger (owned by Google) and WordPress, are indexed faster by spiders. Spiders are programs that crawl your website in search of fresh content.This means that search engines are more likely to put your website on their index of searches. So, when someone searches for specific keywords related to the content posted on your blog, there stands a better chance of it being listed. What’s more, a large blog site can be much easier to find than a regular website. A blog can attract a very fast, reliable source of traffic so as long as you often update your blog with new and fresh content regularly.

Freedom to Write about Topics of Interest
With a blog, you have the freedom to choose the topics you want to blog about. You can write about virtually anything under the sun. These include topics that you like, what you went through during the day or week, your hobbies, favourite foods, hangouts and entertainment such as movies, shows, music and games. In addition, if you are into business, you can write about anything or a niche topic related to business. Another popular use of a blog is to write reviews about a product or service and promote affiliate or even your own products that are related to your topics of interest.

What you Should Next
Now that you know about blogging and why you should start doing it if you haven’t done so, what do you do next? The logical answer will be to start your own blog and add original content. But if you are busy or have difficulty writing, an alternative is to engage an ecommerce SEO agency that specialises in content marketing services. So check out our content marketing services and be on your way to blogging now.

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